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Welcome to SMLA!

SMLA - swedish and norwegian municipalities - A contest for radio amateurs, which can participate to activate and chase municipalities in Sweden and Norway. Moreover, it is simple. Logs can be uploaded on the website in the ADIF format, or be entered manually. All what is required is that you register and log in and pay the fee of 100SEK. There is no fee for foringers, other than Norwegians, but feel free to send in a gift if you like.

All together thera are 646 municipalities in the two countries and the goal is to work all. The race is a points race where a contact is equivalent to 2 point.

With the help of Datawrapper, Google Maps, och OpenStreetMaps in our search engine, you can quickly and easily locate areas near you, or your vacation-haunt. Click on the map (karta) in the menu above to try.

For information and rules about the contest, click here.